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Founded in 1993, Sampurna is a non-profit organisation based in Delhi. With the mission to empower women and children, we strategically emphasise on ending violence against women and children, promoting gender equitable society, inclusive education, quality healthcare and sustainable livelihood opportunities. We follow a right- based sustainable approach, which looks beyond a woman’s immediate need for support and encourages her to become self-confident, self-sufficient and self-reliant. Sampurn literally means “complete” and Sampurna was set up to provide holistic support to women and children.


For nearly three decades, Sampurna has been a leader in the India’s women- centric approach due its unique, two- fold position: (a) as an experienced facilitator of grassroot programmes and (b) trainings at community level and research based projects. Some of our key areas include but are not limited to: violence against women and children, women security and safety, inclusive education, health care provisions, sanitation and cleanliness drive.

Sampurna firmly believes that all people should bear equal rights and opportunities. We believe that women can be catalysts and agents of social change. And we recognize that ensuring a gender equitable society means tackling a multitude of complex psychological, social, cultural and economic issues at the same and requires participation from both men as well as women.

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